Wednesday 22 October 2014

                                   N. F. P. E


                             ASSAM CIRCLE, GUWAHATI

President : T. Kalita                                                                 Circle Secretary : L. P saikia

PM,Gr-11,KokrajharHO                                                           PM,Gr-lll, Tezpur HO

No : P-III/ASM-C/Corr                                                    Dated at Tezpur the 21.10.2014


  1. All Branch Secretaries, Gr.C, Assam Circle
  2. All Divisional Secretaries, Gr.C, Assam Circle

        Su:- Resolution of Circle Ex. Body Meeting on 19.10.2014.

        Dear Comrade

        Circle Executive Body Meeting of Gr.C, Assam Circle was held on 19.10.2014 at Guwahati under the President ship of Com. Bipul Nath. All Divisional Secretaries and Woman Forum Members were invited and most of them attended the meeting. The meeting had unanimously taken the following resolutions and requested to implement the same for the interest of the Service Union.

  1. Parliament March programme is called by NFPE and Confederation on 4th and 5th Dec/2014 respectively. The house decided to represent at least two members from each Branch and two from Circle Branch. Please book ticket in advance.
  2. Diamond Jubilee of NFPE will be held at Guwahati on 3rd and 4th November/2014 under the banner of RCC. There will be a Seminar on 3rd Nov/14 on the subject “Future of India Posts in the era of globalization”.  Com M. Krishnan, Ex. Secretary General,  NFPE and Secretary General, Confederation will attend the same. Sri B. B. Dave, Hon’ble CPMG , Assam Circle was invited to represent as Chief  Guest of the Seminar. Sri R. Ganguly, Hon’ble DPS(HQ) has given consent to attend the same. All Branch Secretaries are requested to attend with their members and contribute  Rs. 1000/- from each Branch to Com. B. R. Rabha, Treasurer, Reception Committee, Guwahati GPO towards the fund of Diamond Jubilee.
  3. All the Unions i.e. P-lll, R-lll, P-lV and R-lV under the banner RCC and the BSNL Union have taken a decision to purchase  of a building for P&T Union Office at Guwahati.  Agreement for purchasing the same at Panbazar, Guwahati has been decided to be done shortly. An amount of Rs. 7,50,000/- will be required as share of each Union. The house unanimously decided for procurement of P&T building and requested to each Branch Secretary to collect Rs.1000/- from each member in install basis as a huge amount will be required for the same.
               It is therefore requested to take the above matters seriously and take necessary steps to success the same.
                                                                                                                                                                                     (The Jt. Circle Conference of Assam and N.E. and the All India Conference of Gr.C Union will be held at Agartala from 6th to 8th April,2015 and Lucknow  in the 1st  week of June/2015 respectively. Details will be intimated soon.)

           Yours  faithfully

             ( L. P. Saikia )

          Circle Secretary

       AIPE Union, Group ‘C”

           Assam Circle.

   Copy to:- 1. All Circle Office Bearers, Gr.C,  Assam Circle

        2.All Woman Forum Members, Gr.C, Assam Circle

           ( L. P. Saikia )

          Circle Secretary

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