Sunday 14 July 2013

                                                                                  N. F. P. E





     The Chief  Postmaster General
      Assam Circle, Meghdoot Bhawan
      Guwahati-781 001


                                   In the issue of staff problems and other allied  matters

                                                                                            Dated at Guwahati the 9th July,2013


                   All the Postal employees  Unions of Assam Circle under the banner of National Federation of Postal Employees would like to  depict  the following issues to your good self for its early solution.

1.       Finalisation of all  pending compassionate appointment cases : 
The compassionate appointment cases  are pending since years together  either for non sitting of Circle Selection Committee or  on the plea of Zero vacancy position. The family of the deserving candidates have been suffering a lot and therefore immediate positive  action for early disposal of all the pending compassionate appointment cases is requested.
2.       No abolition of the post of stamp vendors—Status quo to be maintained :
It is learned that a proposal for abolition of the post of Stamp vendors available in the post offices of Assam Circle is in the pipe line of your good office. The selling of postage stamps & stationery including revenue/CRF stamps through the stamp vendors is  undetachable  and the decision is quite detrimental to the interest of  the staff. Further  the said  work is impossible to be  attached  to the counters in  the present situation of maximum workload coupled with shortage of staff.
The service unions ,therefore ,oppose such kind of step and urge upon you to reverse the decision, if any.
3.       Stopping of holding  meeting/training/Mela on Sundays and holidays :
It is found to be  a general practice of the authority that the meeting/ training and melas  are  called for  in the Sundays and holidays  and  strict  direction like invoking stringent action on non-attending    such training/melas  is given. The operative  staff feels very tired after working intensive duties for  continuous six days  and they are  entitled to  one day rest/weekly off which is a universally accepted concept. Deprivation  from the right of weekly off/holidays  is also against the existing  labour laws and cause  health hazard. The service union , earlier,  also ventilated its anguish and grievances and the department has given a commitment in writing on the negotiation table of  the strike of July,2011 which speaks  that the weekly off/Sundays would be  delinked from any duty.
But the said practice is still going on and therefore the service unions demand to honour its earlier commitment.
4.        Non-granting  of child care leave :
The Divisional authorities is reported to have not  granting child care leave to the deserving candidates. Such action is tantamount  to  violation of  justice given to working women  in the light of the recommendation of the 6th CPC. Your kind intervention with direction to act in a positive manner  in this regard is therefore  requested.
5.       Opening of Mail branch on Sundays/holidays in all Head Post Offices :
Recently  an  order  is issued directing the HPOs  to keep open the mail branch for   pre sorting works of the articles.
Shortage of staff is a perennial problem and the  existing staff hardly cope with the increasing work load. Unlike the other C.G employees and also our administrative offices, the operative staff of Post offices are  getting only one weekly off on Sundays. The operative staff of the Post Offices have also equal right to take rest on every seventh days i,e  on Sundays including holidays. The issues has already been taken up by the NFPE with the  Secretary, Dept. Of Posts for reversal of the order and a favourable decision is expected to come.
The service unions , therefore, demand that  the  orders issued by your office on the said issue  is kept in abeyance  and status quo is maintained  till the disputed issue is solved at D.G level.
6.       Payment of RPLI/MNREGS incentive to GDS officials :
     Incentive bills  of huge amount on RPLI and MNREGS are pending in all divisions due to non 
     availability of fund. The  GDS officials are being pressurised to fulfil the quota of opening RPLI
     policies but positive action to value their hard labour is ignored.
     The Postal unions therefore urge upon your good office to allot sufficient fund so that all the
     incentive bills are cleared at the earliest

 7.       Non circulation of notice in Goalpara Division in respect of PM(Gr-1) Examination.
The Supdt. Of Post Offices, Goalpara Division did not circulate the notice of Postmaster(Grade-1) examination and also  for MTS examination related to the vacancy of 2010.  and as a result the willing candidates could not appear  in the said examinations. The issue was also  brought to your kind notice in your recent  visit to Dhubri by the local service unions. But no action is found to have  been  taken either to redress the grievances of the willing candidates nor any  action is being  taken against the Divisional head  for dereliction to duty. 
Further it is also noted that application for appearing in the departmental examination are  called for in the nick of time. As a result the willing candidate do not get chance to submit application and thereby deprived from  future  promotion. The ensuing LGO examination and the IPO examination are the glaring example.
8.       Non supply of Uniforms/woollen jersey and shoes to the Postmen & MTS  and umbrella to the  GDS :
Uniforms/woollen jersey and shoes/chappals  have not been supplied to the eligible staff for years together. Therefore it is demanded that all kinds of uniforms /umbrella  are supplied to the eligible officials early
9.       Shortage of staff of all cadre Viz, Postal assistant., Postman and MTS/Group
Acute  shortage of staff in all cadre like  Postal Asstt/Postman and Group ‘D’ is found to be  a problem of permanent nature in  each and every Post office and the staff are to perform duty    of  additional man power besides their normal allotted works.
herefore urgent action is  requirement  to be taken  to fill up the all vacancies  considering the ground reality of the situation.
10.    Posting of lady SPM in single/double handed Post office with non availability  of Latrine/Urinal drinking water facility etc. in the rented building :
Many Post offices housed in rented building  do not have minimum sanitation facility including facility of pure drinking water. The  lady staff posted  in those offices suffer most. A few example  are------ Dwarkuchi ,Rangia RS in Guwahati Division, Manikpur, North Bongaigaon in Goalpara Division.
Therefore the working condition of all the rented P.O building may kindly be reviewed  so that the minimum civic amenities are provided in those post offices.
 11.    Non  granting of MACP to the Postman & Group ‘D’ staff :
The Postman and Group ‘D’ staff are not getting due financial up gradation (MACP) due to non sitting of DPC at Divisional level. As a result  the deserving officials are deprived of their  due financial  benefit.
Therefore  regular sitting of DPC  at all level may kindly be ensured. 
12.    Streamlining the duty of the System Manager :
A few  postal  Assistant with knowledge  of software knowhow have been deployed as system manager. The PA/SM are to work both in   computer System managing  and also in postal operative works as and when situation of  acute shortage of staff arises. There is no clarification/definition of their duty. Sometimes the PA/SM are to work day and night  in Post Office for restoration of any system failure but no compensation  in the shape of monetary benefit is declared as yet. Their TA/DA bills  are  also stated to be  not received due consideration.
Further  the post of PA/SM earmarked in Post office  remained unmanned due to their outdoor duty which resulted in the permanent shortage of one/two hand short in that office.
Therefore a thorough analysis on  the inconvenience  caused to the PA/SM in discharging   duty is required to be  made so as to get a clear definition  of the duty of PA/SM.
13.     Combination of  beats  should not be insisted upon :
Whenever a postman goes on leave for short period  the concerned beat  is directed to be combined with the adjacent beat and also cent percent delivery is forced. This is absolutely not a feasible task.Therefore standing permission to employ outsider like willing retired postman/GDS official  against the short term vacancy of postman may kindly  be  given.
14.   Responding to Union correspondence :
It is painful to note that the  correspondence made by the Circle Secretary/Divisional Secretaries to their concerned  administrative heads  do not get reply and all the problems/grievance ventilated through the letters remained unheeded. This is against the democratic norms  and recognition given by the Govt. to the trade union.It is therefore requested  that necessary action is taken so that the right of  trade unions is honoured.We are optimistic that  the  problems/grievances  narrated above will get positive action  at your end  and with that positive attitude we  request you to cause immediate necessary action  to  get the problems/grievances settled  at the earliest.

                                                                  Yours  faithfully




(  L.P.SAIKIA  )                                  ( MAINUL  HAQUE)                               ( SURESH  SARMA )

Circle Secretary                                  Circle Secretary                                         Circle Secretary

AIPE Union, Group ‘C’                   AIPE Union Postmen and MTS                  AIPE Union, GDS(NFPE)      Assam Circle                                           Assam Circle                                             Assam Curcle

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  1. Sir I have applied for Compassionate ground Appointment on the year 2016 at Meghdoot Bhawan Guwahati-781001 Assam with all required document by Dpt.of Post.But till today I have not receive any appointment or call letter. Please give some solution....