Thursday 22 August 2013

                                             ALL INDIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES UNION, CLASS-III
                                                          ASSAM CIRCLE, GUWAHATI-781001


President : Tiken Kalita                                                                                    Circle Secretary:  L.P.Saikia

Postmaster, Gr-I, Rangia MDG                                                                        Postmaster, Nagaon HO                               

Mobile No: 94355-12958                                                                                 Mobile No   : 94351-80490            



     No:- P-III/ASM/ Corr                                                                                        Dated  10th  August/2013




      All Circle Office Bearers,

      All Circle Women forum Members,

      All Branch Secretaries,

      All Branch Secretaries, Gr C  Assam Circle


     Sub;- Convention of Gr C, Assam Circle


     Dear Comrade,


                    A Convention of Gr C, Assam  Circle will be held on 25.08.2013 at Guwahati GPO at 10.00 hrs to discuss the following  Items;-


1.       Central  Working Committee  Meeting  of  Gr C, AIPEU at Guwahati.

2.       CWC of Gr C, Assam Circle.

3.       Proposed agitational  programme at Circle level on burning Issue.

4.       Problems of Branch/Division/Circle.

5.       Mise, if any with due permission of Chair.

6.       Presidential Speach.

7.       Conclusion.


       You  are therefore  requested to attend the CONVENTION  without  fail.



      With thanks.


                                                                                                                         Comradely  Yours



                                                                                                                             (L. P. Saikia)

                                                                                                                      Circle Secretary,Gr C

                                                                                                                        AIPEU,Assam Circle


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