Friday 10 January 2014

                Following Officers and Staff Representatives were present-

                         Administrative side                                                 Staff side

1.      Shri T. Murthy                                                             1. Shri L. P. Saikia

CPMG,Assam Circle                                                        Circle Secretary, P-III,AIPEU

2.      Shri Riju Ganguly                                                       2. Shri B. K. Nath

DPS(HQ),Assam Circle                                                  Asstt. Circle Secy. P-III,AIPEU

3.      Shri Abdul Hye

AD(WLF/Sports),Circle Office

 Old agenda items
1.      P-III/7-3/06      :  Recognition of well equipped Hospitals at Divisional Head Quarter
                         Reply:-                  After discussion it was decided that recognition of Pvt. Hospital would  be pursued on basis of revised guidelines. Copy of the latest ruling cum SOP have been supplied to the staff side. The staff side has been advised to take initiative through their  units to obtain complete proposals from the eligible Hospitals/Diagnostic centre. It was emphasized that proposal should be duly signed with office seal by the CGWCC. Further action on such proposals will be taken by the C.O. upon receipt from the staff side.

                                         Action:-AD(A/Cs),CO,Guwahati/C.S., Service Union
2.      P-III/3-1/09       : Arrangement of drinking water at Dhubri HPO
Reply:-           The SPOs, Goalpara Division has been asked to submit a proposal for
               Arrangement of drinking water at Dhubri H.O. by 31.12.2013.It has been assured that
               Acquaguard(Kent) will be installed very soon.

                                               Action:-AD(Bldg),C.O.Guwahati/SPOs Dhubri

 3.      P-III/3-3/09       :   Constructio of boundary wall at Jalan Nagar

                         Reply:-      PMG Dibrugarh has entrusted the job to the Civil Wing. Only after completion  of the job by Civil Wing this will be taken up. However, matter would be pursued with SPOs  Dibrugarh for necessary repair and maintenance of the wall locally.

                                                Action:-AD(Bldg),CO,Guwahati/RO Dibrugarh

 4.      P-III/3-5/09        : Dilapidated condition of staff quarters at Lumding, Hojai, Diphu,                                

Christian Patty Collony

         Reply{-       As per report, repairing and maintenance works of Lumding Postal Complax  and Diphu Postal Complex and Christian Patty Collony have been completed. This agenda item is kept open till confirmation report of completion from other locations.


 5.        Filling up the post of Grade-II Postmaster Cadre
                          Reply{-          Due to non completion of 6 years in PM Gr.I by any officials, the vacancies have not been filled up. From January,2014, some vacancies can be filled up. It has been  assured that DPC will be completed by January,2014.

                                     Action:- AD(Staff),CO,Guwahati.

 6.      Non receipt of GPF Balance Sheet

 Reply:-      As reported, GPF Balance Sheet have been sent to all units
                                                                                                                                   Item closed
 7.      Payment of incentive to the staff in connection with selling and booking of Forms i.e.

TET, CEE etc.

    Reply:-    Incentive wherever due to the staff have since been paid.
                                                                                                                       Item closed.
 8.      Allotment of sufficient Fund for medical reimbursement/MGNREGS Incentive/RPLI

 Reply:- Whatever Fund received for MR and MGNREGS incentives have been disbursed. Regarding   PLI/RPLI incentives , divisons have been requested to examine if any unutilized funds available in any Heads that could be diverted.

.                                     Action:-AAO(Bgt),CO,Guwahati/All divisional heads.
9.      Extension of facilities of Mini-Gym to all clubs of HOs in Assam Circle

 Reply:- It has been decided to include the item in the circle welfare board meeting. All Divisional Heads will be asked to submit proposal wherever justified.

                                           Action:-AD(WI),CO,Guwahati/AllDvl. Heads.

 1.      Holding of DPC for promotion to Postmaster(grade-II) and HSG-II

 Reply:-It has been assured that DPC for PM Grade-II will be held within 31.12.2013. and HSG-II within January/2014.

       2.      Mental harassment to the postal officials of Jorhat HO/Sivasagar HO  in the name of acting  as witness in the criminal cases handled by CBI

The Supdt. Of Post offices, Jorhat Divn  has been directing the  Postal assistant including the lady officials to act as witness/shadow witness in the criminal cases/raids of CBI. The postal officials after  doing the job as directed by the CBI, are to attend regularly  in the CBI court. The high profile  accused person against whom the postal official are required to  stand as witness   have been  feeling insecure to their lives and passing the days with fear psychosis.
             Therefore  necessary action  may kindly be taken  to  exempt the postal staff from acting
              Witnesses/shadow witnesses.

             Reply:-      The matter will be taken up with the Superintendent, CBI,Guwahati only after going through the releavant ruling and obligations of on the subject.

 3.      Medical facilities from CGHS and Bank loan facilities :
The postal officials of greater Guwahati  may get Medical facilities  from CGHS but the officials posted  outside Guwahati or in remote places in Guwahati Division  can not get the said medical facilities as and when exigency occurs and therefore the officials other than greater Guwahati do not opt  for having medical facilities from CGHS. But the SSPOs, Guwahati has ordered the DDOs of Guwahati Division to make it mandatory for deduction of CGHS fees without even obtaining willingness from the officials. Therefore the compulsory  deduction of  CGHS fees  from pay bill of the officials posted outside greater  Guwahati  may kindly be stopped and the already deducted CGHS fees  may kindly be get refunded.

 Reply:- This will be examined and issue suitable instructions to all DDOs. If found any mistake due to any reason, this will be rectified.
Further the pay and allowances  are now  disbursed  from the Bank account of the concerned officials.  The DDO is required to sign in a declaration form as and when  somebody wants to take loan from the bank. Earlier the DDOs do not sign in the declaration form  since  disbursement are made in cash. The system is still in vogue and therefore the willing postal officials are debarred from taking bank loan.
Reply:-  As regards undertakings to be given by the employer in respect of bank loan in the prescribed application form, the official/officer has to give in writing to the competent authority stating the reason for which the loan is sought for and details thereof. Concerned DDOs will examine and put up to the competent authority for favour of approval.
                                  Action:- AD(A/Cs),CO,Guwahati


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