Wednesday 1 November 2017

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
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No.PF-01(a)/2017                                                       Dated: 11th September, 2017

            All General Secretaries / NFPE Office Bearers     
            All Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions

Dear Comrades,
            First of all on behalf of NFPEHQ.I would like to extend my revolutionary greetings to all those comrades who contributeda lot for making the one day strike on 23rdAugust 2017 a grand success. Our soldiers of NFPE have shown that being the major organization we can bear major responsibility. After a long gap and only for Postal sectional demands this strike was conducted by NFPE alone and it was a grand success in majority of the areas. It was not up to the mark in some areas for which we would review and make efforts to make those areas stronger.

Confederation Programmes

Phased Programmes

1. Mass Dharna at all District Head Quarter on 19thSept 2017
2. Mass Dharna at all State Capitals on 17th October 2017
3. Maha Dharna at New Delhi with Central Trade Unions other independent federation on 9th, 10th& 11th Nov 2017

Quota to NFPE  forMahaDharna at New Delhi on 9th, 10th& 11th Nov 2017
Confederation has allotted quota to NFPE as 600 participants on each day of MahaDharna

            Therefore we allot the quota region wise and date wise as mentioned below.
On dated 9/11/2017:- Participants: 600

Circle :-          Kerala                        -           150
                        Tamilnadu     -           150
                        Karnataka      -           100
                        Andhra           -           100
                        Telangana     -           100

NFPE Co- ordination committees of thesestates should allot of quota to each affiliate.

On  date  10/11/2017 – Participants – 600
Circle  :-          Maharashtra -           150
                        Gujrat             -           100
                        M.P                 -           150
                        Chhattisgarh -           100
                        Rajasthan      -           100
                      Bihar              -         100
                     Jharkhand      -           50
On  Date  11/11/2017
                        U.P                 -           150
                        West Bengal -           150
                        Odisha           -           50
                        Assam            -           25
                        N.E                 -           25
                        Haryana         -           100
                        H.P                 -           25
                        Punjab           -           100
                        J & K               -           10
                        Delhi              -           100

12 points charter of Demands of all workers

1.    Urgent measures for containing price rise through universalization of public distribution system and banning speculative trade in commodity market.
2.    Containing unemployment through concrete measures for employment generation.
3.    Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measures for violation of Labour laws.
4.    Universal social security cover for all workers.
5.    Minimum wages of not less than 18000/- per month with provisions of indexation.
6.    Assured enhanced pension not less than Rs.3000/- per month for the entire working population.
7.    Stoppage of disinvestment and strategic sale in Central/State Public Sector Undertakings.
8.    Stoppage of Contractorisation in permanent periennial work and payment of same wage and benefits for contract workers as regular workers for same and similar work.
9.    Removal of all ceilings on payment and eligibility of bonus, provident fund; increase the quantum of gratuity.
10.  Compulsory registration of Trade Unions within a period of 45 days from the date of submitting application and immediate ratification of ILO Conventions C-87 and C-98.
11.  Against Labour law amendments.
12.  Against FDI in Railways, Insurance and Defence.

21 points charter of Demands of confederation

1.      Honour the assurance given by the Group of Ministers to NJCA on 30th June 2016 and 6th July 2016, especially increase in minimum wage and fitment factor. Grant revised HRA at the rate of  30%, 20% and 10% with effect from 01-01-2016. Settle all anomalies arising out of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations, in a time bound manner.
2.      Implement option-I recommended by 7th CPC regarding parity in pension of pre-2016 pensioners.
3.      Scrap PFRDA Act and Contributory Pension Scheme and grant pension and Family Pension to all Central Government employees recruited after 01.01.2004, under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972.
4.      Treat GraminDakSewaks of Postal department as Civil Servants, and extend all benefits like pay, pension, allowances etc. of departmental employees to GDS.
5.      Regularise all casual, contract, part-time, contingent and Daily rated mazdoors and grant equal pay and other benefits.
6.      No Downsizing, Privatisation, outsourcing and contractorisation of Government functions.
7.      Withdraw the arbitrary decision of the Government to enhance the bench mark for performance appraisal for promotion and financial upgradations under MACP from “GOOD” to VERY GOOD” and also decision to withhold annual increments in the case of those employees who are not able to meet the bench march either for MACP or for regular promotion within the first 20 years of service. Grant MACP pay fixation benefits on promotional hierarchy and not on pay-level hierarchy. Personnel promoted on the basis of examination should be treated as fresh entrants to the cadre for grant of MACP.
8.      Withdraw the draconian FR 56 (J) and Rule 48 of CCs (Pension) Rules 1972 which is being misused as a short cut as purity measure to punish and victimize the employees.
9.      Fill up all vacant posts including promotional posts in a time bound manner. Lift ban on creation of posts. Undertake cadre Review to assess the requirement of employees and their cadre prospects. Modify recruitment rules of Group-‘C’ cadre and make recruitment on Reginal basis.
10.    Remove 5% ceiling on compassionate appointments and grant appointment in all deserving cases.
11.    Grant five promotions in the service carreer to all Central Govt. employees.
12.    Abolish and upgrade all Lower Division Clerks to Upper Division Clerks.
13.    Ensure parity in pay for all stenographers, Assistants, Ministerial Staff in subordinate offices and in all organized Accounts cadres with Central Secretariat staff by upgrading their pay scales. Grant pay scale of Drivers in LokSabha Secretariat to Drivers working in all other Central Government Departments.
14.    Reject the stipulation of 7th CPC to reduce the salary to 80% for the second year of Child Care leave and retain the existing provision.
15.    Introduce Productivity Linked bonus in all department and continue the existing bi-lateral agreement on PLB wherever it exists.
16.    Ensure cashless, hassle free medical treatment to all Central Government employees & Pensioners in all recognized Government and Private hospitals.
17.    Revision of Overtime Allowance (OTA) and Night Duty Allowance (NDA) w.e.f 01.01.2016 based on 7th CPC pay scale.
18.    Revision of wages of Central Government employees in every five years.
19.    Revive JCM functioning at all levels. Grant recognition to the unions/Associations under CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 within a time frame to facilitate effective JCM functioning.
20.    Implementation of the Revised Pay structure in respect of employees and pensioners of autonomous bodies consequent on implementation of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2016 and Revised Pension  Rules  in respect of Central Government employees and pensioners.
21.    Implementation of the “equal pay for equal work” judgment of the Supreme Court in all departments of the Central Government.


            The All India Women’s Trade union workshop will be held at Mumbai on 11thand 12th January 2018 (The venue will be intimated later)  Delegates fee – Rs 1000/- (One thousand only)
Quota to NFPE has been allotted as 80 women delegates which allotted union wise as below:
 P-III-20, P-IV – 20, R-III-10, R-IV,10  Postal  Accounts-5, SBCO-5, GDS-10.

NPS & Out sourcing- JointProgramme of All India State Govt Employees Federation and Confederation of Central   Govt Employee and workers.
The following have been decided by both organizations.
1. State level joint conventions.
2. Distt/Taluk – level joint conventions.
3. Mass Dharnas at all important centres including state capitals on 21-11-2017
4. Dates of Raj Bhawan March, All IndiaJathas Parliament March etc. will be decided later.
All are requested to make all the programmes a grand success                                
Parashar SignYours Comradely,


                                                                                                     (R N Parashar)
Secretary General




Tuesday, October 31, 2017



                   Government has unleashed an unexpected and most damaging attack on Post Office Small Savings Schemes.  Notifications are already issued permitting all Nationalised Banks and three Private Banks (ICICI Bank, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank) to accept deposits for all small savings schemes, viz: Recurring Deposit (RD), Time Deposits (TD), Monthly Income Scheme (MIS), Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) Sukanya ‘Samridhi Account (SSN), Kisan Vikas Patra (KVPs) and National Savings Certificate (NSC VIII issue) with effect from 10th October, 2017.
                   Small Savings Schemes are controlled by Finance Ministry and Postal Department is running it on agency basis.  Finance Ministry is paying compensation to Department of Posts for various Small Savings Schemes related work.  About 40% of the total yearly revenue of the Department of Posts comes from Small Savings Schemes.  Permitting Banks including private banks to do small savings business means huge erosion in the revenue of Postal department.  Even otherwise Postal department is running on heavy loss and the decision to outsource small savings business will further aggravate the deficit situation. 
                   Out of total work load of the Post offices 50% workload relates to Savings Scheme work.  In some Post offices even 70% of the work load relates to Savings Bank Branch.  Not only the public directly coming to the Post Office counter for deposits and withdrawls, lakhs of MPKBY Agents and SAS Agents also canvas for various small savings schemes and contribute to the revenue and work load of Post Offices.  Once the banks including private banks starts the Small Savings Business aggressively, the number of transactions in Post Offices will come down.  This will result in reduction in the sanctioned posts for SB work and ultimately staff, especially clerical staff will become surplus.
                   Few years back, a committee appointed by Reserve Bank of India to study the functioning of Post office Small Savings Scheme, headed by Ms. Shymala Gopinath, then Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank, has recommended gradual phasing out of MPKBY/SAS Agents. The Committee has recommended to reduce the Commission paid to the Agents by 1% every year till it reaches 1% level from the present 4% commission.  The commission to SAS Agents are also reduced.  Due to the struggle and intervention of MPKBY/SAS Agents Associations and lefet parties Members of Parliament the commission is retained at 4% for MPKBY Agents.  The present decision of the Government to outsource Small Savings Schemes to Banks will definitely affect the job security of MPKBY/SAS Agents also.
                   Wage revision orders of Central Govt. employees were issued on 25-07-2016.  The demands raised by staff side to raise minimum pay and fitment formula is not yet considered favourably, even though Group of Ministers had given categorical assurance on 30-06-2016.  Consequent on appointment of 7th Pay Commission, Government appointed a one man committee headed by Sri. Kamalesh Chandra, Retired Member (Personnel), Postal Services Board on 19-11-2015 to examine the wages and service conditions of about three lakhs Gramin Dak Sevaks working in the Postal Department.  The Committee submitted its report to Government on 24-11-2016.  Almost one year is over but the favourable recommendations of the GDS Committee are yet to be implemented.  The file was sent to finance Ministry by Postal Board after approval of the Communications Minister.  Queries after queries are being raised by Finance Ministry and the file is still pending clearance.  7th Central Pay Commission Report was submitted on19-11-2015 and it took eight months for implementation of pay revision.  Seventh CPC report was in respect of more than one crore (100 lakhs) personnel including 32 lakhs Central Govt. employees, 33 lakhs Civilian pensioners and about 40 lakhs military personnel and pensioners.  Regarding GDS, there are only about three lakhs employees.  One year delay for implementation is quite unjustified and it shows the attitude of the Government to the most downtrodden section of employees.
                   Re-verification of membership under check off system was conducted for regular employees as per the CCS (RSA) Rules in the year 2015.  Now two years are over, but result of the verification is withheld by the Government for reasons best known to it.  GDS Membership Re-verification process was almost completed and recovery of subscription from pay in respect of Applicant Association/Unions commenced in the month of September 2017.  Suddenly Department issued orders to stop the GDS Membership verification process.  It is learnt that BPEDEU (BMS) which represents only 3 to 5% membership and  not going to get recognition has filed a complaint and based on the complaint the GDS verification process was stopped by the Government.
                   The above happenings are not isolated.  It is a prelude to bigger attacks that is going to come in the coming days.  The job security of Postal employees, their wages and trade union rights are under attack.  We have to resist it at any cost, just like we have resisted and defeated Govt’s move to amend Indian Post Office Act, Closure of 9797 Post offices, closure of 300 RMS offices, Mckinsey Consultancy’s recommendations and the TSR Subramanian Committee’s recommendations, for corporatisation and privatisation of Postal department. 
                   NFPE has already given a call for countrywide demonstrations at all centres and infront of all offices on 23rd October, 2017.
                   Further, major demands raised in our 23rd August, 2017 strike charters of demands are also pending settlement.  NFPE Federal Secretariat shall meet shortly and declare further agitational programmes.
                   NFPE and all its affiliated Unions/Associations calls upon the entirety of Postal and RMS employees including Gramin Dak Sevaks and Casual, Part-time Contingent employees to unitedly resist and defeat this onslaught on our life and livelihood.


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