Tuesday 19 November 2013

Bi-Monthly Meeting was held with Director of Postal Servies,Guwahati on 16/09/2013 and Com. L.P.Saikia,C/S and Com. S.Zaman, Asstt.C/S attended the Meeting.

New  Items  discussed in the Meeting are as....

1.       Provision of armed home guard at all HPOs :


Twenty four hours armed home guard is urgently essential in all Head Post Offices for security reason. Armed home guards have been provided to a few HPOs  but the Head Post office like Kokrajhar HPO which is in sensitive area  is still without any security personnel.

Therefore  necessary action  to  provide  24 hours armed home guard  to all the left out HPOs including Kokrajhar may kndly be taken


Reply:- File would be put up before the CPMG so that a policy decession can be taken in yhis respect. The logic is accepted.


2.      Recognition  under CGHS of one  private nursing home in each Postal Division :


Medical facilities of  the state Govt. hospital situated  in each District Head quarter  except Guwahati  is poor and therefore  private nursing homes are preferred  more for better medical treatment.  Therefore  it is  an urgent need that a nursing home is recognized  under CGHS  in each Postal Division   Viz,  at Bongaigaon, Nalbari,Tezpur, Nagaon, Jorhat. North Lakhimpur, Tinsukia and Dibrugarh


It is also mentionable that proposal for recognition of Private Nursing home under CGHS  at Nagaon and Tezpur have already been submitted  by the Divisional Heads.


Reply:- Proposal would be called for a fresh from all Divisions, in a fixed format so that matter can be pursued with CGHS for recognition.


          3    (a)Vertical extension of Nagaon  PO building and replacement of its  electrical


                 (b) Repairing of Ist floor and staircase of Barpeta HPO building.

                 (c) Provision of cooling facility in the Ist floor of Kokrajhar HPO building.


The electrical wiring of Nagaon HPO building is so deplorable that probability   of short circuit can not be ruled out. Further the  building has gone congested and required vertical extension of the building .


Ist floor of Barpeta HPO building and the staircase is in dilapidated condition and not fit for working condition and therefore immediate repairing is warranted.


Due to low height of the Ist floor of Kokrajhar,Tezpur,Nagaon and Dibrugarh HPO building , staff have been facing intolerable heat  in the summer season. Therefore  cooling facility is urgently needed.


Reply;-(a) Divisional Superintendent has been permitted to take necessary action locally, for re-wiring. Vertical extension would be considered only if SPOs submits such a proposal through RO,Dibrugarh.


               (b) Divisional Superintendent has been permitted to carry out necessary repairs locally.


               (c) Divisional Superintendent should be approached at Divisional level to hire coolers, in summer season. Necessary instructions already exists, however, further directions would be issued to complete tender formalities for next summer by December/2013.


Old Items


1.       Panel of Staff Quarter


      Reply;- New Panel for staff quarter is under preparation. Allotment of vacant quarters would be made soon, as per guidelines under FR & SR-s as applicable.


2.       Dilapidated condition of the latrine and urinals of Guwahati GPO, Meghdoot Bhawan


Reply;-Necessary repair works would be  immediately undertaken.


3.       The outlook of the Post Offices should be made beautiful for public attration.


Reply;- Look and Feel of Project Arrow is being carried out in a phased manner, based on the policy decisions of Directorate, and it can’t be decided at Circle level in general. Associationjs may take up the issue at Directorate level.


   Repair and maintenance of Post Office buildings on emergent basis are to be done by the Divisional Heads after obtaining administrative approval, followed by activities of  LPC and financial approval. 

                                                                                                                                              ITEM CLOSED


4.       Lack of amenities and facilities particularly in the Sub-Post Offices,Assam Circle


Reply;- A policy decision has been taken whereby Divisional Heads have been empowered to carry out all repair & maintenance works of petty and emergent nature, likely to cost less than 1,00,000/-, by constitution of local purchase committee, and this has been circulated to all concerned. The Associations are instructed to bring such issues to the notice of the Divisional Superintendent concerned and only if they refuse to act, then to bring the matter to the notice of this office.

                                                                                                                                               ITEM CLOSED





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