Tuesday 24 February 2015

                                                                           N. F. P. E

                                ALL INDIA POSTAL EMPLOYEES’ UNION : GROUP ‘C’

                                                    ASSAM CIRCLE, GUWAHATI

PresidentT.Kalita                                                                       CircleSecretary:L.P.Saikia   Postmaster,KokrajharH.O..                                                       Postmaster,TezpuH.O.                        94355   12958                                                                             (M)94351-80490   

No. P-lll/Circle Conference                                   Dated at Tezpur the 24.02.2015

  1. All Branch/Divisional Secretaries, AIPEU,Gr C, Assam Circle
  2. All Women Forum Members,  AIPEU, Gr C, Assam Circle
  3. All Circle office Bearers, AIPEU, Gr.C, Assam Circle.                                                                                 


             You are well aware that next Joint Circle Conference of Assam and N.E. Circle unde the banner of NFPE will be held at Agartala from 6th to 9th April/2015. Following information about the Circle Conference are narrated below for favour of your necessary action.
  1. Circle Conference will be held at Agartala from 6th to 9the April/2015 for 4 days. All the office bearers/Delegates must reach Agartala on 5th of Appril/2015.
  2. Accommodation for stay and Subject Committee meeting will be  at Shahid Bhagat Singh Youth Hostel and Inaugural Meeting /Joint Session/Seminar/Women Session/Open Session will be at Rabindra Shatabarshiki Hall(Air Conditioned).
  3. Delegation fee for Conference will be Rs.800.00+50.00 for RCC donation per head.
  4. Accommodation will be available from 5th evening to 9th morning.
  5. Separate accommodation for women comrades is arranged.
  6. Hon’ble Chief Minister and Minister for Electricity ,Govt.of Tripura, most of the General Secretaries, Secy. General, NFPE & Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & workers, Ex Secy. General, NFPE will grace the conference.
  7. Reception Committee requests for maximum participation.
  8. All Branch Secretaries are requested to clear their quota to Circle, CHQ and NFPE and to make it up to date before 31st March/2015.
  9. A Building at Guwahati is proposed to be purchased by the NFPE & BSNL Unions for Rs. 60 lakh with equal share of Rs. 30 laks each for Union purpose. The quota of Rs 30 lakh of NFPE is equally divided among P III,P IV,R III and R IV @ Rs 7.5 lakh each. P III Union has already paid Rs. 2 lakh and the rest Rs. 5.50 lakh is to be paid within a short period.  Hence, all the Branch Secretaries are appealed to collect Rs. 1000.00 from each of its members and to remit the amount to Sri B.R. Rava , Financial Secretary ,P III, Assam Circle at Guwahati GPO.
                            Comradely Yours
  10.                      Circle Secretary,Gr.C

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