Tuesday, 24 February 2015


President : Tiken Kalita                                                 Circle Secretary:  L.P.Saikia

Postmaster,Gr-II, Kokrajhar HO                                    Postmaster,Gr-lll,Tezpur

Mobile No: 94355-12958                                            Mobile No   : 94351-80490            


No:- P-III/ CC Assam/2015                                                          Dated: 24/02/2015


It is notified under Article 32 (a) of the Constitution of All India Postal Employees Union Group ‘C’ read with Article 30 ibid  that the 34th Circle Conference of AIPE Union, Group ‘C’ Assam Circle  will be held at Shahid Bhagat Singh Youth Hostel, Agartala from 6th April/2015 to 9th April/2015 preceding by a CWC meeting in the evening  of 5th April/2015 .

The following  agenda  will be discussed  in  the Circle Conference.Condolence
  1. Acceptance of Agenda
  2. Consideration and adoption of Secretary’s biennial report
  3. Adoption of Audited Accounts
  4. Organizational review- a)Branch b)Division c)Circle d)RCC
  5. Review of Central Working Committee Meeting held at Guwahati.
  6. 7th Central Pay Commission
  7. Inclusion of GDS under 7th CPC
  1. Merger of DA
  2. Interim relief
  3. Creation of separate cadre for System Administrator and Marketing Executive
  4. Separate Promotional avenue to PO and RMS Accountants
  5. Problem of Postmaster cadre

  1. Report of Tasks Force on leveraging the Post Office Network
  2. Cadre review of Group “C”
  3.  Problems of GDS and  Part time workers
  4. Policy and Programme
  5. Adoption of Resolutions
  6. Venue of next  joint Circle Conference
  7. Election of new office bearers for the next term
  8. Misc. if any with due permission of the chair
  9. Presidential Speech
  10. Vote of thanks.

                                            ( L  P  SAIKIA )

                                          Circle Secretary                                                                          
                              AIPE Union “Group C”
Assam Circle


 Copy Forwarded to:-
 The Chief Postmaster General, Assam Circle, Guwahati for information. He is requested kindly to instruct all Sr. Superintendent/Superintendent/Sr. Postmasters to grant Special Casual Leave to  the Delegates /Visitors and Circle Office Bearers of Gr-‘C’, Assam Circle so as to enable them to attend the Circle Conference and Circle Working Committee Meeting in time.
  1. Com. R N Parasar, Secretary General, NFPE , New Delhi.
  2. Com. N Subramaniam, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group‘C’ , New Delhi.
  3. Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation of CG Employees and Workers, New Delhi.
  4. Com. Tiken Kalita, President, Group ‘C’, Assam Circle
  5. All Circle Office Bearers, Branch/Divisional Secretaries and Mahila Committee Members.
                                (L. P. Saikia)
                          Circle Secretary,Gr‘C’
                            Assam Circle
                          P.O. Tezpur HO       



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