Monday, 23 March 2015

            The Bi-Monthly between the Director of Postal Services(HQ), Assam Circle, Guwahati and the representatives of NFPE P-III Union was held on 27.02.2015 at 1100 hours in the Conference  Hall of Meghdoot Bhawan, 5th Floor, Guwahati.
            Following officers and staff representatives were present.

            Administrative side                                                                  Staff Side

1.    Shri Riju Ganguly,                                                       1.     Shri L.P. Saikia,

DPS(HQ), Assam Circle .                                                   CircleSecretary P-III(NFPE)
2.    Shri N. Kalita                                                              2.     Ms. Mousami Mazumder,

Assistant Director (OL&WLF),                                          P-III(NFPE)

C.O., Guwahati .

 Following old & used items were discussed:
Old Items
1.    Item No.2.11.P-III/1/DPS/08  :    Dilapidated condition of latrine & urinals of Guwahati

                                              GPO, Meghdoot Bhawan
                            Repair and renovation have been carried out by PCD, Guwahati. It is also mentioned that the House Keeping job would be outsourced from the next financial year .                                                                                                                  (Item closed)

2.    No.1/P-III/2014                       :     Irregular supply of Postage Stamps and Indian

                                                    Postal  Orders by the NESD, Guwahati
                Right now there is no problem. Hence, this item is proposed  to be closed .

                                                                                (Item closed)

 3.                                                   :     Holding of DPC for MACP and shortage of staff

                 This may be taken up at the Divisional level. All Divisional Superintendents would be asked to send copies of minutes of MACP I & II to Circle Office.

                                                            Action : AD(Staff)/AD(WLF)/AII Dvl Supdts.
New Agenda
 1.    (a) Security measure in the counters of Project Arrow Offices of Sivasagar Division

               Instructions for providing glass partitions to counters of Project Arrow Offices          

have alresdy been issued. The matter may be pursued at Divisional level.

 (b) Construction of Shed(GI Sheet) on the top floor of Dibrugarh HO

               Reply : Civil Wing would be asked to provide treatment to reduce the heat of the room or provide heat absorber, if any.

2.    Construction of Cycle Stand at Tezpur HO

                Problem : Present Cycle Stand Room will be modified to ICH Room for which the staff will face difficulties for keeping their Bi-Cycle. So it is requested to construct a cycle stand at vacant land which was surveyed by the Postal Civil Wing.

                Reply : Civil Wing would be asked to carry out the necessary work in 2015-16 on priority basis .

 3.    (a) Supply of Laser Printer to Kokrajhar HO

                Problem : There is only one Laser Printer at Kokrajhar HO which has been attached in the Postmasater Chamber. No Laser Printer was provided to the CBS counter after migration. Hence it is requested to arrang supply of the at least two Printers to Kokrajhar HO.
               Reply: After discussion it has been decided that a report would be called for from the SPOs, Goalpara Division, on the functioning of the Laser Printer in the Kokrajhar HO. Also if there is any requirement of a new Laser Printer at Kokrajkhar Ho, upon receipt of requisition from the SPOs, necessary action will be taken at Circle Office.

 (b) Repairing of Kokrajhar HO building

                Problem: All the windows and wooden doors of postman delivery room and two windows of PO building are completely damaged. Other doors, windows and toilet are also in broken condition. Hence, it is requested to repair the Kokrajhar HO early.

               Reply: Civil Wing has been asked to carry out repair and maintenance of Kokrajhar HO.

                             L.P. Saikia

                                      Circle Secretary








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