Tuesday 24 March 2015


The four monthly meeting between the Chief Postmaster General, Assam Circle, and the representatives of NFPE P-III union was held on 03.02.2015 at 1000 hours under the chairmanship of Sri B. B. Dave, Chief Postmaster General, Assam Circle, Guwahati in the Conference Hall, Meghdoot Bhawan, 2nd floor, Guwahati.

Following officers and staff representatives were present.

Administrative side                                                              Staff Side

1. Shri Riju Ganguly,                                               1.Shri Lakhi Prasad Saikia,

Director of Postal Services (HQ),                                     Circle Secretary ,P-III (NFPE)

Assam Circle,                                                      2. Saifur Zaman,

Guwahati                                                            Asstt. Circle Secretary, P-III(NFPE)


2.Shri N. R. Meena,                                                                               

RDPS, Dibrugarh Region, Dibrugarh

3.Shri A. Hye,

Asst. Director, (Inv.),

C. O. ,Guwahati

Following old and new items were discussed.

Old items

1. P-III/7-3/06 : Recognition of well equipped Hospitals at Divisional HQ

 Brief of the case : There is no CGHS recognized hospitals at any place of Assam except  Guwahati. The Union side demanded recognition of following private hospitals for treatment of postal employees.

            1. GD Hospital & Research Centre, Haibargaon, Nagaon.

            2. Aditya Diagnostics & Hospitals, Dibrugarh.

            3. Midland Hospital & Research Centre, Silchar.

            4. Jeevan Jyoti Nurshing Home, Tinsukia.

Reply : The item was discussed in the last meeting. It was decided that recognition of private hospitals would be pursued on the basis of revised guidelines. Copy of the latest  Rule-Cum-SOP was supplied to the Circle Secretaries of P-III/IV Unions so that they can take the initiatives to obtain complete proposals from the eligible hospitals/diagnostic centres. It was emphasised that the proposals would be duly signed with the office seal by the medical authority of the hospitals/diagnostic centres concerned and recommended by the CGWC. Members were also requested to pursue the CGWC and obtain complete proposals so that the matter could be pursued by the Circle Officer. Till now no proposals has been received from any Union. Therefore, the item may be dropped.                                                                                            

                                                                                                                            ( Item closed )

2. P-III/3-1/09 : Arrangement of drinking water at Dhubri HPO

   Brief of the case : This is a long pending demand. Union side demanded that there is no adequate arrangement for pure drinking water at Dhubri HO. SPOs, Dhubri was asked to take immediate action for providing pure drinking water to the staff working in the HPO.

            Reply : Drinking water is now available at Dhubri HO.

                                                                                                                            ( Item closed )

3. P-III/3-3/09 : Construction of boundary wall at Jalan Nagar

            Reply : It is told in the meeting that the work is going on and will be completed within March, 2015.

4. P-III/3-5/09 : Dilapidated condition of staff quarters at Lumding, Hojai, Diphu, Christian Patty Colony

            Reply : As per report, repairing and maintenance works of Lumding Postal Complex, Diphu Postal Complex and Christian Patty Colony have been completed.

                                                                                                                                ( Item closed )

5. P-III/8/14 : Allotment of sufficient funds for medical reimbursement/MGNREGS Incentive/RPLI     Incentive

            Brief of the case : The staff side demanded that the fund should be allotted for payment of pending medical bills, MGNREGA incentive and RPLI incentive. As discussed in last meeting , the matter was taken up with Directorate personally by the then Chief PMG. The association was also asked pursue the matter at Directorate level through their CHQ so that the matter could be linked with Premium income from PLI/RPLI incentive as well as for greater fund for medical reimbursement claims to clear all dues.

            Reply : FG request has been placed with Dte. Available fund would be allocated/ re-allocated.

                                                                                                                        Action : AAO (Bgt)

6. P-III/9/ 14: Extension of facilities of mini Gym to all Clubs of HOs in Assam Circle

            Brief of the case: As per discussion in the previous meetings SSPOs, cachar Division, Silchar has been asked to submit the proposal through R.O., Dibrugarh, but no proposal has so far been received.

            Reply: There is no proposal at present. Hence the item is closed.

                                                                                                                                    ( Item closed )                       

7. P-III/12/14: Medical facilities from CGHS and Bank Loan facilities:

            Brief of the case: The Union side complaint that after transfer of Postal Dispensary, Guwahati to the control of CGHS regular deduction of contribution are being made from the salaries of employees working at Guwahati. The contribution is being recovered from the employees who are staying outside Guwahati. It was decided in the last meeting that suitable instructions would be issued to all DDOs so that contribution is recovered from the employees who are not covered under CGHS facilities. As regards Bank Loan facilities it was stated that employees are not getting bank loan as DDOs are reluctant to give undertakings. Both the issues have been discussed in the last meeting. Accordingly, the matter had been taken up with the CGHS authorities demi-officially for clearing the backlog in issuance of CGHS Cards of Guwahati Division and 'GH' RMS Dn. Moreover, an appeal has to be prepared by such employees who are yet to receive Cards so that amount recovered without issuance of Cards can be refunded, while matter can be pursued with CGHS for issuance of Cards. Moreover, 2 officials were also deputed to assist the CGHS concerned Dealing Assistant for the quick issuance of the Cards.

Reply :  1. As regards undertakings to be given by the Employees in respect of bank loan in the prescribed application form, the Department cannot vouch for or act as guarantor of loan.

                                                                                                                                    ( Item closed )

            2. As regards pendency in the issuance of CGHS Cards and irregular recovery of contribution, it is suggested that the individual appeal should be made by the employee who has not yet received the Cards as well as paying contribution without availing CGHS facilities.

            3. It has been decided that employees from whom CGHS subscription have been deducted without issuing the CGHS Cards would be reimbursed. Deduction of CGHS subscription at the prescribed rates should be made strictly from the time actually the Cards are issued/received.

                                                                Action : AD (WLF)/SSP GH/ SRM GH

New Agenda items

1. Immediate holding of DPC for MACP-1, MACP-II, MACP-III and LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I

            It is seen that DPC is not holding in time for which the Pas, Postman and MTS officials are deprived from promotion on regular basis. Hence it is requested to hold DPC at Divisional as well as Circle level in time.

Reply : 1. For pending MACP/DPC at Divisional level, the Union side is advised to take up the matter with Divisional Heads. It would be examined whether MACP/DPC is pending at C.O. level and action would be taken accordingly. Pending DPC/MACP if any at C.O. level would be done by 31/03/2015.

                                                                                     Action : AD(Staff )

            2. Regarding LSG, HSG the position is as under :

DPCs for promotion to the posts of LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I are being held regularly. Last DPCs were held as below :

            SA to LSG (RMS)        =      13/15.01.2014

            LSG to HSG (RMS)      =      11.12.2013, 22.01.2014

            LSG to HSG (Postal)     =      20.06.2014, 01.12.2014

            HSG-II to HSG-I         =      28.03.2014

It has been decided that all the pending DPCs for MACPs will be done within 31.03.2015. Also all the Divisional Heads should be instructed to complete all DPOCs by 31.03.2015.

                                                               Action : AD (Staff)/All Divisional Heads 

2. Repairing and white washing all Offices in Assam Circle

   Repairing and white washing is required for most of the offices in Assam Circle such as Nalbari HO, Nagaon HO, Tezpur HO, Chariduar SO, Balipara SO, Panerihat SO, Howli SO, Barpeta HO, Chelenghat SO etc. Hence it is requested to take immediate necessary action in this regard.

            Reply : As a part of Swatch Bharat Mission proposal on items of work that are to be carried out for white washing of Post Offices and other offices at Divisions would be called for. 

                                                                                     Action : AD ( Bldg) 3. (a)  Atilagaon Postal Colony under Sibsagar Division is in dilapidated condition. So it is requested to take necessary action for complete renovation of the said colony.

   (b)  Formation of Women Grievance Cell and make publicity among women staff in the Circle. It is not known by the staff whether there is a grievance cell in the Circle or not. If it is functioning then wide publicity is required among women employees.

            Reply : (a) RDPS will taken action in this regard as discussed in the meeting.

                        (b) Instruction for implementation of Ministry of W & C D Memo No. 19-8/2014-Ww dated 12th November 2014 are being circulated and compliance would be obtained on prior basis.

                                                                   Action : RDPS/AD (Vig) CO Ghy.  



Circle Secretary                             

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