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Sunday, April 28, 2013


The 2nd day (28-04-2013) of
at Guwahati held at BSNL Auditorium.

More than 250 delegates including nearly 30 women comrades were attended.

1st Session : at 10.30 am, Presided by Com.S.K.Bardan, President, R-III

Subject : History of Postal Trade Union Movement and our present day task

Speaker : Com.M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE

Com.M.Krishnan very elaborately narrated the history of postal trade union movement in India from its emergence in 1880, exampled with a collection of valuable material gathered by him. The speech continued for 2.30 hrs very impressively and made the delegates dumbfound.

After conclusion of the speech, Com.M.Krishnan replied to the questions raised from the delegates.

2nd Session : at 2.45pm, presided by Com.R.Sivannarayana, President, Gr.C (CHQ)

Subject : Service Rules & Role of Unionists

Speaker : Com.K.V.Sridharan, former General Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C

Com.K.V.Sridharan impressively explained the application of rulings on certain occassions by quoting many examples for good acquaintance of knowledge to a union representative, while rendering the service for his members.

After conclusion of the speech, Com.K.V.Sridharan replied to the questions and queries raised from the delegates.

Com.P.Pandurangarao, General Secretary, AIPEU-GDS(NFPE) & Com.R.N.Parashar, Asst. Secretary General are also addressed in the session.

The session ended with the cordial presentation of vote of thanks by Com.Mausumi Mazumdar, Asst. Circle Secretary, AIPEU Gr.C, Assam Circle.
Com.M.Krishnan addressing
Attention of Delegates to the speeches

Com.K.V.Sridharan Addressing
Com.R.N.Parashar Addressing
Com.Mausumi Mazumdar presenting vote of thanks

Reception Committee members viz., Com.S.Rahaman, R-III., Com.G.Talukdar,R-III, Com.L.P. Saikia, Gr.C., Com.D.K.Debnath, R-III., Com.Moinulla Huq, P-IV, Com.Suresh Sharma, GDS and many other Comrades deserved all appreciation for their best efforts to made all arrangements and warm reception to conduct this study camp successfully.

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