Saturday 6 September 2014



 1.       Supply of essential forms/articles

       Reply : Supply is being made regularly. Specific cases of shortages, if any, despite submission of

       indent ,may be cited before it can be discussed.

2.       Supply of fake note detecting machine

Reply: The staff side was requested to give a list of such offices, for which hands on training under the supervision of officers from RBI would also be imparted. But nothing has so far been received from the staff side. However, as soon as the proposal for supply of Fake Detecting Machine is received from the division, action will be taken for supply of the same.  

(List of Offices has already been sent)

3.       Provision of Home Guards to all  HPOs

Reply: Approval of the CPMG, Assam Circle has been conveyed on the proposals received from the divisions for deployment of Home Guard. The staff side was advised to check up at divisional level and get the pending proposals forwarded to C.O. where justified proposal is found left out. But no proposal has so far been received. Action would be taken on receipt of left out proposal from divisions where found justified.

                                                                                                                     (Item may be closed) 


1.       Holding of DPC for filling up the HSG-I POSTS

-------- A number of HSG-I  posts are lying vacant in most of the H.O.s since long and hence it is requested to fill up all the posts of HSG-I by holding DPC early in view of the new recruitments rules for HSG-I.


      Reply: DPC for HSG –I in RMS could not be held due to non availability of eligible officials in HSG-   

     II cadre. Holding of DPC for HSG-I in postal wing is under process. New RR for HSG-I cadre has

     been received on 28.08.2014.At least one month time would be required for arranging the DPC.  

2.       Vacation of HSG-II HPM posts held by ASP cadre officials

---------- As per new recruitment rules for HSG-I posts have been earmarked for the general line officials. As such ,the HSG-I HPM posts so far held by ASP cadre officials are to be made vacant immediately keeping in view of the constraints in recruitment rules and to be filled up immediately by the eligible HSG-II officials.

Reply: Since the new Recruitment Rules has been published recently, the post of HSG-I occupied by IPO cadre would be vacated when the next DPC for HSG-I is conducted.

3.       Timely supply of Uniform, Shoes, Chappal etc.

Reply: i) Gents Uniform clothes = Last supplied in November,2013 .Next supply is due in 2015 which will  be arranged from existing stock.

ii) Ladies Uniform cloth = Procurement is under process and supply will be made accordingly.

iii) Woollen  Jersey = Under process.

iv) Shoes = supply order was placed with the firm approved through tender in Februaray,2014.Since the firm could not supply the item up to 31.7.2014.Supply order has been cancelled and the firm has been blacklisted on 04.8.2014.Further action is under process.

V) Chappal= Already supplied in the month June,2014.

vi)Umbrella= Already supplied in the month of June,2014.Quality of product to be supplied has been taken in to consideration and would be ensured in future as well.

4.       Filling up all vacancies of Postman, Mail Guard and MTS
       Reply:- Examination for recruitment of Postman, Mail Guard and MTS has already been       Conducted.  Action for filling up vacancies would be taken up after declaration of result
                (The following Agenda was also discussed with the DPS(HQ) in the Bi-monthly Meeting)
        5. Sanction of Ex-gratia lump sum compensation
                     As per Govt. of India, Dept. of Pension and PW F NO 38/37/08 P & PW(A) dated  
          02.09.2008 on CCS (Extraordinary Pension) Rules, Ex Gratia Lump sum compensation of Rs. 10
         Lakh (Ten Lakh) only along with Special Family Pension @ 60% should be sanctioned to the wife
         of an employee who dies special condition as laid down in the aforesaid order. Late Bangshi
         Dhar Boro, Pm,Gr.l, Rehabari S.O. and the then Circle Secretary of AIPEU, Group'C' suddenly
         died in stressed condition while on duty on 16.06.2012. Smt. Kabita Boro, W/O Late Bangshi
         Dhar Boro has represented before the authority requesting above concession. A favourable
         decision in this regard is solicited.
          Reply:- This will be discussed in the meeting.

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