Wednesday 17 September 2014


The Branch/Divisional secretaries/Circle Office Bearers

 Dear Comrade

Please organize DHARNA at all important State/District/Divisional Centres on 19.09.2014 between 10AM to 3PM as called by Confederation on the following 11th point charter of demands.

  1. Merger of DA with Pay w.e.f. 1.1.2014 including GDS and Pensioners.
  2. Grant of Interim Relief to all employees including GDS and Pensioners.
  3. Inclusion of GDS under 7th CPC
  4. Scrap PFRDA Act and grant of statutory pension to all.
  5. Date of effect of 7th CPC recommendations should be 1.1.2014.
  6. Regularisation and revision of wages of casual laboures and contract workers.
  7. Removal of 5% condition for compassionate appointments.
  8. Fill up all vacant posts and creation of new posts wherever justified.
  9. Stop downsizing , outsourcing, contractorisation and privatization of Government functions.
  10. Grant productivity linked Bonus to all without ceiling, compute Bonus as weighted average of PLB for those not covered by PLB agreement.
  11. Revise OTA and NDA and implement arbitration awards.
           L. P. Saikia,C/S,P-lll                                      Moinul Haque,C/S,P-lV

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