Sunday 21 September 2014

                Assam Circle Regional Joint Council Machinery Meeting was held on 2nd September,2014 at 1100 hours in the Conference Hall,2nd Floor,  Meghdoot Bhwan, Guwahati under the Chairmanship of Ms. Arundhaty Ghosh, Chief Postmaster General, Assam Circle,  Guwahati.

                 Following officers and staff representatives were present:

                 Administrative Side                                                                   Staff Side
1.       Ms. Arundhaty Ghosh                                                         1.  Shri Graga Talukdar,CS R – III
            Charperson, RJCM &                                                                Secretary,RJCM Staff side
            Chief Postmaster General,                                               2.  Shri L.P.Saikia
             Assam Circle, Guwahati                                                         Member, RJCM & CS  P-III
       2.      Shri I. Pungernungsang                                                    3.  Shri Mainul Haque
              Postmaster General                                                                 Leader,RJCM & CS P- IV
              Dibrugarh Region                                                               4.  Shri Intajur Rahman
              Dibrugarh                                                                                     Member,RJCM & CS R-IV
       3.    Shri Riju Ganguly                                                                 5.  Sri Pankaj Kumar Das
              Director of Postal Services(HQ)                                              Member RJCM & CS-Adm. Union
              Assam Circle,Guwahati                                                      6.  Shri H.C. Dutta
       4.       Shri Abdul Hye                                                                          Member RJCM & CS NUR-III
               Assitant Director(WLF)
               Assam Circle,Guwahati
        5.      Shri Subhas Sarkar
               A.O,O/O the D.A.P.,Guwahati

                 At the outset,the Chief PMG madam welcomed all the Members of staff side present in the meeting and hoped that the discussions in the meeting will be fruitful.
                 Following items of agenda of P-III & P-IV Union were discussed in the meeting:
Old Items
1.       Recognition of Private Hospitals /Diagnostic Centre for postal employees in Assam Circle
______________ Item discussed and closed
                                                                                                                              (Item closed)
2.       Filling up of PA and MTS at PTC, Guwahati
 _______ DPS(HQ),Assam Circle, Guwahati ,who is also looking after the PTC, Guwahati explained that the filling up of post of PA and MTS at PTC,  Guwahati have been made on deputation basis from the departmental employees and there is no problem in functioning PTC, Guwahati at present .These posts will be filled up as soon as new recruitment is completed. Otherwise there is no problem in functioning the PTC, Guwahati.

                                                                                                                                (Item closed)
3.       Filling up of vacancies of Group D posts lying vacant in Post Offices, RMS and other offices in Assam Circle
_______ For filling up the vacancies of MTS cadre from GDSA on seniority cum fitness basis for the vacancies of 2012,the Divisional Heads would be asked to complete the task by 30th September,2014.For the vacancies of 2013 & 2014,details of eligible candidates would be called for .

                                                                                                            Action: AD(Staff)/all Dvl. Supdt.
4.Supply of essential forms/articles:
-------- Supply is being made regularly. Specific cases of shortages, if any, despite submission of indent, may be cited before it can be discussed.
                                                                                                                (Item closed)
5. Supply of Fake Note detecting machine:
-------- Staff side has been requested to give a consolidated list of offices where these machines are required. In the meantime, this would be explored if DGS & D rates, if any,  are available are
available so that these can be procured directly.
                                                                                                Action: AD(Tech),CO,Guwahati
         (List of Offices has already been sent)
6. Provision of Home Guard to all HPOs
-------- Approval conveyed on the proposals received from the Divisions for deployment of Home Guard personnel.
                                                                                                                (Item closed)
New Items
Item No 1.Holding of DPC for filling up the HSG –I posts
Brief of staff side: A number of HSG-I posts are lying vacant in most of the H.O.s since long and hence it is requested to fill up all the Posts of HSG-I by holding DPC early in view of the new recruitment rules for HSG-I.
Administrative Side decision: DPC for HSG – I in RMS could not be held due to non availability of eligible officials in HSG – II cadre. Holding of DPC for HSG –I in postal wing is under process.New RR for HSG –I cadre has been received on 28.08.2014.At least one month time would be required for arranging the DPC.
Item No. 2. Vacation of HSG- I HPM posts by ASP cadre officials
Brief of the staff side: As per new recruitment rules for HSG – I posts, all the HSG – I posts have been earmarked for the general line officials. As such, the HSG – I HPM posts so far held by ASP cadre officials are to be made vacant immediately keeping in view of the constraints in recruitment rules and to be filled up immediately by the eligible HSG-II officials.
Administrative side decision: Since the new Recruitment Rules has been published recently, the post of HSG –I occupied by IPO cadre would be vacated when the next DPC for HSG-I is conducted. This would be examined.
                                                                                                Action: AD(Staff)
Item No. 3           Timely supply of Uniform, Shoes, Chppal etc.
Brief of the Staff side: Uniform, Shoes, Chappal, Socks, Raincoat and Umbrella are not supplied to the eligible officials in time.On most occasions these item are lapsed depriving the officials and after persuasion by the Unions only these are supplied once but for the lapse period the items are given.
                In such a situation only, last few days ago decision for supply of Umbrellas was taken. Staff Side was requested to collect sample from Mahendra Dutt & CO. Accordingly, the same was collected and submitted to the appropriate authority. But surprisingly, when supply was made by the PSD, Guwahati, some other brands substandard quality umbrellas were found supplied and not those from Mahendra Dutt and CO.
                                We therefore, urge upon the authority to look into the matters on priority basis and to take decision to avoid such recurrence. We also urge upon to enquire into the matter relating to supply of substandard quality items.
Administrative Side decision:
i)                    Gents Uniform Cloths = Last supplied in November,2013.Next supply is due in 2015
which will be arranged from existing stock.
ii)                  Ladies Uniform cloth = Procurement is under process and supply will be made accordingly.
iii)                Woolen Jersey = Under process.
iv)                Shoes = Supply order was placed with the firm approved through tender in February,2014.Since the firm could not supply the item up to 31.7.2014,supply order has been cancelled and the firm has been blacklisted on 04.8.2014.Further action is under process.
v)                  Chapplas = Already supplied in the month of June,2014.Staff side informed that Chapplas already supplied are of substandard quality and need replacement. Official side responded that such chapplas may be submitted for taking up the matter with the supplier within warranty period for replacement.
vi)                Umbrella = Already supplied in the month of June,2014. Staff side informed that Chapplas already supplied are of substandard quality and need replacement. Official side responded that such umbrellas may be submitted for taking up the matter with the supplier within warranty period for replacement. Quality of product to be supplied has been taken into consideration and would be ensured in future as well.
                                                                                    Action: PSD/GH,AD(T),CO,Guwahati
Item No. 4.         Filling up of all vacancies of Postman,Mail Guard and MTS
Brief of Staff Side: A large number of vacancies are there in cadres of Postman, Mail Guard and MTS in all the Divisions. The vacancies shown in respect of the recent direct recruitment test do not commensurate with the vacancies actually prevailed in the field levels, Certainly there might be error in vacancy calculation. It should be looked into immediately.
                On the other hand posts reserved for departmental candidates either through exam basis or through seniority cum fitness have been taken into account for filling up.It is requested to take urgent steps for all the above mentioned items on the matter.
Administrative Side decision: Examination for recruitment of Postman, Mail Guard & MTS has already been conducted. Action for filling up vacancies would be taken only after declaration of result. For vacancies to be filled through promotion in all cadre, a cut off date is fixed for Divisions on 30th September,2014.For recruitment of Postman by exam, process would be initiated shortly.
                                                                Action: AD(Staff),CO,Guwahati
Item No. 5           Sanction of ex-gratia lump sum compensation
Brief of Staff Side: As per Govt. of India, Dept . of Pension and PWF No 38/37/08 P & PW (A) dated  02.09.2008 on CCS(Extraordinary Pension)Rules, Ex Gratia Lump sum Compensation of Rs. 10 Lakh (Rupees ten Lakh) only along with special Family Pension @ 60% should be sanctioned to the wife of an employee who dies in special condition as laid down in aforesaid order.Late Bongshi Dhar Boro,PM Gr. I ,Rehabari S.O. and the then Circle Secretary of AIPEU,Gr. C suddenly died in stressed condition while on duty on 12.06.2012.Smt. Kabita Boro,W/O Late Bongshi Dhar Boro has represented before the authority requesting above concessions.; A favourable decision in this regard is solicited.
Administrative Side  decision: Discussed. This will be examined when such representation is received.
                                                                                                                Action: AD(A/D,WLF)


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