Wednesday 3 September 2014

Bi-monthly meeting with the DPS(HQ), Assam Circle was held on 1st September/2014 and discussed the following new items along with old items. Minutes will follow.


List of Items  to be discussed :

  1. Irregular supply of Postage stamp and Indian Postal Orders by the NESD/Guwahati
    It is experienced in the recent past that  the NESD/Guwahati is very irregular in supplying Postage stamps and IPOs to the Head Post Offices despite submission of Indent properly and subsequent reminders by the Postmasters. The public specially the youth applicants for job get frustrated for not getting IPOs and stamps from Post Offices and  invites  a uncontrollable situation.
    It is therefore requested to  ensure supply of stamps and IPOs regularly.
  2. Holding of DPC for  MACP and Shortage of staff

  1. The due DPC for MACP has not been done  in most of the Postal Divisions  resulting in pecuniary losses to the officials. Therefore action may kindly be taken to hold the DPC  at all levels  
  2.  The problem of shortage of staff(Postal assistant) is a regular phenomenon in Post offices. All the Head Post Offices and big Sub Post Offices are now manned by minimum staff and they are to work as per norms of Project Arrow for which the  staff are over burdened. The situation will be  further  aggravated soon as a huge number of staff are due to retire within two years.
    To get rid of the problem of shortage of staff  in Head Post Offices, works delinked with direct financial transactions are being done by outsourced persons and also by retired persons. The  rate of daily wages to be paid is not  uniform in the divisions and therefore  guidelines in regard to works and daily wages to be paid may kindly be circulated.

  1. Supply of UPS Battery and Computers:
    The UPS battery in many Post offices including Head offices ( Viz,Dhubri HPO in Goalpara Divn , Pathorighat, Jamugurihat, Orang, Kacharigaon, Karsantala, Kalaigaon etc. in Darrang Divn) are found condemned/damaged  and  back up time is minimum or not giving back up at all. Therefore probability of adverse effect to the hardware/software can not be ruled out. Further  it is felt  that at least 2 to 3 additional  computers are necessary for every   Head Post Office for immediate replacement in place of computer showing default.
     It is therefore requested to cause necessary action to replace the condemned UPS battery and supply of additional minimum 3 Nos computers to every HPOs.
    C/S, Gr’C’

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